Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Harlot moment

So, I'm blogging on the road. Well, not literally. But I'm in Boston for the weekend, visiting one of my dearest friends. It should be a fantastic weekend of seeing the sights (I somehow lived here for four years without managing to get pictures of any of it...), a bit of yarn, and some really excellent catching up.

I had a moment in the airport, though, that I just have to share. I'd gotten off the plane and was walking through the terminal. My ears still needed to pop, though, so I was fishing around in my bag for the gum that I was sure I'd stuck in it. As I'm rummaging unsuccessfully, a couple of men call out, "Um, excuse me, you dropped your yarn." I'd manage to knock the ball of sock yarn out of my bag (the sock was still in the bag, though), and was, at that point, trailing about forty feet of yarn. One of the men very nicely picked up the ball and handed it to me, while the other tried really hard not to laugh. I did laugh, though, since the only other alternative would have been mortal embarrassment.

I wonder how long it would have taken me to notice if they hadn't said something...