Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm moving to Pittsburgh at the end of the month. On Wednesday, the movers are coming to pack up my apartment. Though I have little to pack, I feel like I have a mountain to go through in figuring out what needs to be thrown away and what I need to keep with me instead of sending with the movers. In general, I hate the process, and until yesterday, the only part of Pittsburgh I was looking forward to was being settled and not having to move for another six months. Yesterday, though, I discovered that Yarnharlot is going to be in Pittsburgh at the end of March. Since I've been trying for well over a year to see Yarnharlot, and been betrayed by the universe on every previous occasion, I'm simply ecstatic that I'll be able to see her in Pittsburgh. Now, I have something to really look forward to.

In other news, the knitting has progress apace. I finished the Argosy washcloth:

The Bayerische sock is coming along, too. I'm rather pleased with the progress, since this has been my metro, lunch-time, and waiting-in-line knitting and has not received any of my evening knitting time. It's beginning to look remarkably sock-like, as opposed to a beautiful, intricate, but misshapen tube. (My apologies for the awkwardness of the photos. It turns out that one's own feet are not much easier to photograph than the back of one's own head.)

My evening knitting time has been spent working on a pair of fingerless mitts. On Tuesday, I found myself tossing the stash, looking for something new, and not too large to work on. I came upon the Ram Wools Inca Silk that I got for Christmas and was caught by the softness of the alpaca and the soft sheen of the silk. I wanted to knit something besides just a scarf (nothing against scarves, but I wanted something a little more complex), and was struck by the thought that it could make a lovely pair of fingerless mitts. The practical application, however, got off to a rough start. Two pages of scribbled math and scribbled charts, three swatches, and four false starts later, I am happy to present the cuff of my cable mittenette.

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Cheryl said...

You're making good progress on the Bayerische Socken. Have you set aside any knitting to keep with you during your move? Have you located the nearest Pittsburgh LYS yet? I know the Lenten yarn fast is quickly approaching, but you'll have to have something to knit until the movers get your stash to you.