Saturday, August 08, 2009


Dear Blog,

I'm sorry that my attention to you is so sporadic. I know you feel neglected when I don't write for weeks at a time, and for that, I'm deeply sorry. But you're always here waiting for me when I sit down at the computer, and you're so patient, never demanding attention when I'd rather give it to something else (like Battlestar Galactica). You're always so happy to post anything I have to say, and you seem to love my yarns and knitting just as much as I do. I can't promise that I'll do any better on the frequent posting in the future (we both know how my previous resolutions on the subject have turned out), but I wanted to say that I really do appreciate your faithful, undemanding friendship.


P.S. I do have some knitting content. Several months ago, I engaged in a sci-fi knitting swap. For the craft-it-yourself portion of the swap, I made this geeky washcloth:

I do love those rebel scum...

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