Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Travel, the late edition

Sorry this post is coming late. I spent most of the weekend goofing off, which forced a spurt of productivity this evening. I did finish the El Zano Jaywalkers last week; I'll have a finished object post on them in the next day or two. And I started a new pair of socks:

The pattern is the fingering weight version of Horcrux Socks, and the yarn is the Trekking XXL I got a while back. I have some minor issues with the pattern - I changed the way one of the rows in the lace part was worked, I've changed the heel, and I'll be making some minor modifications to the foot, too. The yarn, on the other hand, I'm completely charmed by. I love watching the colors go by as I knit, and I rather like the way the colors are knitting up.

As it happens, the colors of the Trekking bring us to this week's destination: Waikiki

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