Thursday, August 02, 2007

Four finished objects and a funeral

Well, that depends on how you count socks. If you count by pairs, than it's only two finished objects.

I finished my Tour de France knitting:

And a picture on the foot (although less keeping with the theme of the KAL):

I'm really super pleased with the way these socks came out. I thoroughly enjoyed the patter, and I really love knitting with Trekking XXL.

I also finished my Pomatomus socks:

These are knit out of Anne, by Schaefer. While I really liked the colorway, especially with this pattern, I'm not a huge fan of the yarn in general. It isn't a very smooth wool, so it tends to shed a bit during knitting and I don't think it's as comfortable to wear as, say, Trekking XXL.

The funeral:

I started this glove just about a year and a half ago, just as I was becoming a Knitter. The yarn is Falk, and came from stash diving in my mother's stash. The pattern is based on Meg Swanson's i-cord finger gloves, the patterning was my own. I found this as I was cleaning out my stash drawer (yes, that's singular; no, that isn't all of my stash: the rest lives in shoe boxes under my bed), getting ready for moving. Pulling it out, I realized that while I still like the snowflake on the back of the hand, I like absolutely nothing else about it anymore. I didn't like the white as the base color, my attaching of the fingers to the palm was terrible, I didn't like the patterning I did across the palm, my stranded knitting was puckering horribly, and somehow (something to do with it being 90 degrees and humid here) the glove was too small. I took a picture and then unceremoniously dumped it in the trash. Next time I decide to knit gloves, I think I'll use Baby Ull...

I've also been working on my Mystery Stole, although at rather a slower pace than I would have liked. School's been a bit intense (in the five days left, I have five tests to take and two reports to finish), so the knitting has been slower. I've also come to realize that when I get really stressed, I don't knit to decompress, I read. So that also explains some of the lack of progress.

This was the state of the stole mid-way through last weekend. I'm now about forty rows further along, but still a long way from finishing clue 4, so clearly, having it done by the time clue 5 comes out tomorrow isn't going to happen. Oh well, at least I know I'll have knitting to take with me on my month of business travel...


Lorraine said...

You've only been knitting a year and a half? I'm impressed.

With the hot weather, knitting progress tends to take a nosedive. Your Mystery Stole is beautiful.

Cheryl said...

You had me worried there for a minute. But it's only a funeral for a project gone wrong. That's not so bad. I have a few WIPs that could use a complete frogging too. Little knitting has been done here during the last few weeks. If you can believe it, it's been too hot. (I've seen your temps, so I'll quit complaining.) But wool and heat don't go together too well, do they? This is weather that calls for cotton and sewing, and the making of muslins.

Lynne said...

Hey, gal! It's now October - you must be a) back from your business travels, and b) moved into the new digs. Are you abandoning us, or simply still trying to juggle 14 alligators?

Miss you!