Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Juggling alligators

I've been thinking for about a week now that I really should get back to blogging. I even got so far as to consider (although not decide) what my first post back should contain. The problem is that I haven't got much to report, at least not knitting-wise. So I kept putting it off. Then I saw Lynne's comment on my last post and knew I shouldn't put it off any longer.

Lynne is right - I am back from my business travels. Here's the quick version of the last two months: When I last blogged (back at the beginning of August), I had a week of school left. I finished up school, watched movers pack all of my stuff up, as well as all of my roommates' stuff - somehow we managed to keep it mostly separate and mostly going to the right person. Then I loaded what little I'd kept into my car and left Pittsburgh. I dropped some of my stuff off in a friend's garage in DC and kept going to Newport News. I spent three weeks there, except for coming back to DC on weekends to work on (painting, and such) my new place. Then it was a week in Idaho, and back to DC to start work. I had the movers deliver the rest of my stuff, did a little unpacking, and then took a vacation! I spent three fantastic days in San Diego on the beach, and another three days in Albuquerque, where I got what I hope is a year's supply of frozen green chile. I was back at work last week and back down in Norfolk for the beginning of this week. And now, I'm back in DC and not going anywhere for at least a month.

I'm embarrassed to admit how little knitting I got done in all that time. I started a new sock:

And I made some pretty good progress on my Print O' the Wave stole. It turns out that the stole is good airplane knitting.

On the other hand, it isn't as if I don't have knitting to show because I've been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I think Lynne's suggestion of juggling alligators is apt, given that this is the more-or-less current state of my condo:

Working only on weekends and evenings, I've so far managed to paint the dining room, living room and hall, and part of the second bedroom (currently a storage disaster, planned to be an office). The gray on the walls just had to go, and the purple really makes me happy. The master bedroom will by the end of this weekend be a lovely blue and have all the proper furniture back in it (and not in the dining room or living room). At the pace I'm going, I expect to get everything - painting, unpacking, decorating, and some new furniture - by November.

I'll do my best to blog once a week, but it may be less often than that. I'm not abandoning you, I promise. It's just that I'm still juggling alligators :)


Lorraine said...

Meredith- Watch those alligators!

I was going to say I love the purple walls. That's the idea, do what makes you happy.

Cheryl said...

Gray? The condo was gray? No one in their right mind would be able to live with that for long. At least I wouldn't be able to. I'm stunned that you've been able to get any knitting done. Just look at all of the other things you've been doing! I haven't been knitting much either, but I don't have any of your excuses--just the little voice in my head telling me to spend the last month sewing blue and purple placemats, which I hope you will like when you finally get to see them.

Could you send some of the green chile fragrance my way? I miss it so much this time of year.

Cheryl said...

10 lbs of green. Thank you!

Ezi said...

Your purple looks like my purple. And Mum said it was going to be too dark but it looks very lovely. I think purple was a brilliant choice for your place, especially since its so very you! The new socks by the way also look very awesome.