Monday, July 07, 2008

On the bandwagon

There seem to be some things that every knitter knits at least once. A scarf, a hat, a sock, a baby surprise jacket. And until one has knit those things, one may be faced with many crises of self doubt - am I a real knitter? Can I call myself a real knitter when I haven't knit (fill in the blank)? In almost every case, the answer is yes, you are a real knitter, even if all you've ever made are garter stitch scarves. That notwithstanding, it can be deeply satisfying to knit those items that seem to make "real knitters."

Now, I've never really questioned my credentials as a knitter (at least, not much), but that hasn't kept me from feeling woefully left behind a time or two. Like when it seemed everyone in the blogosphere was on Ravelry and I wasn't. And I'm still sad that I missed the Tulip Jacket rage. But I did recently knit one of those "everybody knits it at least once" items. I made my first baby surprise jacket:

It's knit out of Baby Ull, held double on size five (I think, it was a while ago) needles. The buttons are the small bear buttons from Schoolhouse Press.

The pattern is delightful and ingenious, if a little hard to follow at first. And I don't know that it's possible to say enough wonderful things about Meg Swansen's video guide. All in all, it was great fun to knit, and I'm sure I will knit many more in my time as a Knitter.


Lynne said...

Wow, Meredith! Two posts only a week apart - you're getting organized? God save the mark! I am sooo glad you're back in the electronic world - I have missed you!

If it makes you feel better, I still haven't knit the BSJ - but I think yours looks great!

Sophie said...

What a cute BSJ! I haven't knit one yet, but I did knit a Clapotis earlier this year. Maybe that counts toward being a real knitter.

Anonymous said...

I did one last year, out of some stash yarn, and it ended up winning 1st prize in my state fair. Just sayin...