Sunday, August 10, 2008

Overcome by events

So, the last two weeks or so, I've been pretty much completely overcome by events. Work has been absolutely nuts (staying until 9:30pm really isn't my idea of a good time), there's a huge looming deadline for class work (which I've been studiously ignoring), and there's my social life -I had a friend staying with me last weekend, and I've spent this weekend visiting Mr. Darcy, which has been completely wonderful. In fact, the only reason I can justify blogging right now, is that I'm sitting in an airport, waiting for my plane that was supposed to have taken off almost an hour ago and isn't even here yet. They tell me that I have another hour and a half to wait.

But despite the crazy hectic blur that is my life of late, I have managed to do some knitting. Although I've kind of fallen down on the job when it comes to photographing said knitting.

I've worked on the second Bayerische sock - I'm almost done with the leg. No picture, though.

I knit two of four wash cloths (again, no pictures) that I'm planning to be a gift for my friend who's getting married on Saturday. I have a couple of commutes and a flight to Denver between now and then. I can totally get them done. (Please don't disillusion me. Clinging to the illusion of hopeful competency is much better than falling victim to the pit of despair.)

And I've been knitting scarves.

I've knit a scarf and part of a second (no pictures of either) out of Patons Soy Wool Stripes, and I'm pretty pleased with the yarn. It's soft and has nice color changes. It's reasonably consistent in thickness, although there has been a frustratingly high number of knots (two or three so far in four balls). Even so, it's great yarn, especially when one factors in the price.

And I knit the Chinese wool (thanks, Nicole, for confirming that it's wool!) into two scarves - a large mitery thing (no picture) and an easy, bias-knit scarf. There actually are photos of the bias-knit scarf, but the free wi-fi in the airport won't let me get to Flickr to get the photo so that I can post it here.

Perhaps I should take this as a sign that I should be working on my project for class instead of blogging... I expect I'll be back with pictures in a week or so - I just have to survive the week and a whirlwind trip to Denver next weekend. Easy, right?


Sophie said...

I haven't had the same problems with Patons Soy Wool Stripes that you have. I really like the feel of the yarnm and it comes in some pretty attractive colorways (or should that be colourways?). I can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Cr@p. I left a comment here yesterday and I guess it got eaten. What I remember writing is...hang in there. You'll make it. Try to stop, if you have time, at The Lamb Shoppe. It's near the corner of 12th and Colorado right in Denver, and totally worth a stop if you can. Such a nice place. Even to stop in and knit for a while. Sock yarn's all along the back wall, mostly.

Also, if you get down near Pikes Peak or up in Estes park, I have 2 rock shops you can visit, if you like gemstones and rocks and other sparkly things. Both have amazing prices on real stuff, and both have jewelry as well as specimins. I figure, I knit faster if I'm wearing something sparkly on my hand.