Sunday, May 17, 2009

So much to share

In the last month that I've been more or less absent from the blog, a lot's gone on.

I had a great trip to the UK - got to do some sightseeing in London, enjoyed some great Indian food, and sampled a good selection of beers. My favorite thing? Jane Austen manuscripts at the British Library. No pictures of that, though. Instead, a sampling of what I saw elsewhere in London:

I finished my master's degree! I am now a Master of Engineering. I am also now firmly of the opinion that only crazy people try to earn degrees while working full time.

To celebrate, I spent a weekend in Florida with some girl friends. It was like I was living someone else's life for the weekend. There was complimentary champagne when we checked in. Then there were massages at the amazing day spa (I don't think I'd been that relaxed in years). There were three pools, one with a waterfall and one with water slides. There was a private island in the gulf. There were bars - one poolside (ordering fruity drinks while dressed only in a bathing suit is something everyone should do at least once) and one in the hotel itself (pomegranate mojitos are my new favorite drink). And then, on the flight back, there was the shuttle launch.

Somewhere in all this busy-ness, I've even managed to do some knitting. Hard to believe, isn't it? Unfortunately, all the recent knitting is currently unphotographed. But fortuitously, I am way behind on posting about all manner of finished items. And so I present: one big granny square I dubbed Baby Bright.

Finished months ago, it's crocheted from Northampton by Valley Yarns. I pretty much just kept at it until I ran out of yarn. It's amazing what tenacity can get you!


Sophie said...

What do I have to do to get a life like yours? Well, maybe except for the engineering part, that is (calculus was not my strength in college, to put it mildly). Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Congrats on finishing your degree. What an accomplishment. The granny square is lovely. And the FL trip sounds like just what you needed.