Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's do the time warp again*

I've written previously about warping spacetime. Last time, it was a week. This time, an afternoon. I'm pretty sure that I accomplish an impossibly large number of things this afternoon, especially since I started late. In about 5 hours:
  • I took out the trash.
  • I took care of the recycling.
  • I did two loads of laundry (in the machine).
  • I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes.
  • I cleaned out (and actually cleaned!) the refrigerator.
  • I vacuumed everything (to be fair, my place is small).
  • I cleaned the bathroom (sink, toilet, and tub).
  • I mopped the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room.
  • I hand washed my bathmat and kitchen area rug (they don't readily fit in the washer).
  • I updated the anti-virus software and otherwise got my desktop fully working again.
  • I hand washed all my running clothes.
  • I hand washed several sweaters.
  • I ate dinner.
  • I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica (I came late to the party, I'm only in season 1).
Now, how is that all possible? Surely getting that much done in a Sunday afternoon requires some sort of warping of the spacetime continuum. Or Mary Poppins-like abilities to make things take care of themselves, but I'm sure I don't have that, since I remember doing all of those things I said, and I'm sure if things could put themselves away, my place would be even neater.

Anyway, you didn't come here to read about my mind-bogglingly productive afternoon. You came to read about knitting. Which I really have been doing, despite what recent posts might lead you to believe. As usual, I have several (four, to be precise) things on which I'm actively working, and I don't have good (or bad, for that matter) pictures of them all. So I'll just tell you about my favorite WIP of the moment.

It's the Arabesque stole in Jojoland Harmony (ravlinks). I'm making it for a friend who got married last summer. She picked out the pattern and the yarn, and I was originally intending for it to be a wedding gift. Now, my goal is to have it done by her first anniversary. I've got a month and a half; I think I can make it. Especially if I can transfer this time warp stuff from housework to knitting.

*Since you all liked the last earworm so well, I thought I'd give you another. :-)


yarndork said...

OK, I totally don't get this earworm one. But it's probably me. Love love the shawl, it's amazing. I'm using that yarn too, no nevermind, I'm using the Melody, for 2 different projects. Oh, and if you feel another time warp cleaning session coming on, can you visit either me or my sister? We'd both gladly welcome you and most likely pay you in yarn. Or cookies.

Sophie said...

If you come to my house after you visit Yarndork and her sister, I'll pay you in yarn, patterns, quilting fabrics, and homemade bread. I might even give you time off for knitting.