Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have frightfully little knitting to share, since most of my time the past two days has been spent doing such adult things as getting a friend to come jump start my car, earning a living, and cleaning my apartment, or at least getting it clean enough that I'm o.k. with complete strangers coming through it. So to make up for the lack of actual knitting, I have knitting-related confessions.

1. I have never knit a sock. I've never even attempted a sock. Despite that, I am completely confident that I will have at least three pairs of baby socks for a baby shower in two weeks. Oh, and the yarn for said socks probably won't be here until Friday or Monday. Here's why I'm confident: a) they're small, so they should go fast, b) they're small, so they're easily portable, c) they're small, so memorizing the instructions should be easy, and d) I know how to turn a heel.
This is the only bit of knitting I've done in two days. It's a heel. It's my first heel. If it were a sock, it probably wouldn't fit anybody, but I just wanted to test drive the instructions. This is a heel following the baby sock instructions from Dale's St. Moritz, except that it's knit out of Falk instead of Baby Ull and on size 4 needles instead of size 2.

2. About two years ago, when my mom first told me that she reads knitting blogs, I laughed in her face. I think I even went so far as to call her a dork, and probably said something about how that was the lamest thing I'd ever heard. Then a couple months later I was back home for a few weeks, and happened to hear my parents (note the plural) at the computer, laughing themselves silly. They were reading Yarn Harlot. I was intrigued - what could possibly be so entertaining? So I read some on my own. In about ten minutes, I was hooked. And clearly the universe was trying to teach me something about not being judgmental. Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson. I thought, "O.k., I can see why people read knitting blogs, but still, who would think their knitting is worth sharing with the world?" Well, two years later, I start a blog and now I get the answer to that, too. There's a lot of fun to be had in sharing a hobby with people, even if you never actually meet them. And the sharing's a lot more fun with a blog than without. So while the universe is teaching me to eat my words, here's to knitbloggers everywhere!

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Ezi said...

Being a responsible adult is overrated. It is far much better to spend your time knitting, attempting to knit, or just adoring the yarn while waiting for it to speak to you than it is to say, do dishes, highlight passages in english books, or to clean up the room.
By the way, like the purple yarn. I think I shall have to go whine to Mutti about how small my stash is and that I need something like that to make it beautiful.