Friday, January 26, 2007


Oh man, what a week this has been... The most non-knitting excitement of the week was this:
It snowed last night. Well, snow blew around in the air, anyway. I don't think it ever actually touched the ground. There certainly wasn't any snow on the ground this morning, which I found terribly disappointing.

In other fields, I've learned a few things this week (part of why I am so very glad that it's Friday). First, never try to cut back on caffeine the same week that you're sleeping two hours less than normal each night - it's just not going to make for a smooth, happy, productive week. Second, late Thursday night of said week is a most inefficient time to try to balance one's checkbook. I got it done, but it took twice as long as it ought to have. Third, it can be dangerous to work too close to a yarn store, especially when that store's having a sale. And finally (although I knew this already), I love getting mail.

Today at lunchtime I walked over to the yarn store near my work. I was looking for some needles - DPNs and small Addi Naturas (for lace knitting). No luck on the Naturas, but I did get a set of DPNs. I also got a skein of Anne by Schaefer, in a completely gorgeous purple/blue/teal/green colorway (it's at the bottom of the picture). I'm trying to find the right sock pattern for it - Pomatomus is a possibility, but I'm not sure yet. Friday was made that much better when I came home to, not one, but two boxes of yarn and needles. I am now well equipped for making oodles of baby socks :-) Today's acquisitions:

And now, if you'll pardon me, this is how I'm spending the rest of my evening:

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Cheryl said...

Now that's how Friday nights should be spent! Did you finish your sock? I finished mine. I'm so pleased with it that my youngest daughter suggested that I hang it on the wall. DH said that'd be okay with him, as long as my knitting can eventually make the house warmer. Does this mean I have permission to buy even more yarn?