Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day (3/14). I guess if you write dates the European way, Pi Day would be July 22 (22/7). At any rate, in honor of Pi Day, I had pie, and (because my knitting hasn't progressed in any interesting fashion) I'm giving you a few links about Pi and knitting ;-)

Pi Shawl - designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann, knit by Wendy Johnson
More about the Pi shawl (you'll have to scroll down)
Another Pi shawl
Knitted Pie
More knitted pie - this time it's blueberry
Pi - the Wikipedia article
The official website for Pi Day

Pi Guy wishes you a happy Pi Day!


Lorraine said...

You didn't tell us what kind of pie you had-
sorry, one track mind. (food)

Cheryl said...

Happy Pi Day! I told the receptionist at the orthodontist's office that it was Pi Day, and got no response. Then I told her that last year I'd made a pie with the top crust vented with a pi symbol. Still no response. I guess some people just aren't geeks. Now, if I'd only managed to post this comment on 3.14 at 1:59. . . I'll go back to knitting before I lose it completely.

Ezi said...

I had no pie for Pi day. It was rather sad but pie would've cost me money (and with the dining hall closed this week I'm low on spending money anyway) but I still managed to enjoy the day by hiking with a fellow geek and discussing how our families celebrate the day.

Meredith said...

I had dutch apple pie :)