Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guilt free

I did cast on something else, and so far, it's coming along swimmingly. See? No guilt here.

I've also been making pretty good progress on the purple club socks. They're quite basic, and despite my winging it without a pattern, they're going really quickly. I'm beginning to see how Wendy can knit socks so quickly.

I think Lorraine is right - I do need more needles (and not just sock needles). I haven't been a Knitter for very long, and I've had an income for even less time, so my collection of needles and notions is quite small. As I discover I need something for a project, I buy it, and so slowly add to the collection.

Thank you for the nice comments about the vegetation in the pictures. The greenery that my knitting likes to frolic about in is my roommates' garden and potted plant collection. As someone who grew up in the Southwest, which is beautiful but not known for being green, I have an intense fascination with green vegetation, especially if it grows without being watered by a person.


Lorraine said...

I recognize the basil- looks amazing with your lovely socks.

I've been knitting for close to 20 years, and have never knit a toe-up.

Cheryl said...

Dear Knitting Sanitarium,

I am almost finished with my fourth Dale of Norway "Vail" hat in six days. Can the staff at the Knitting Sanitarium recommend a different pattern for me, or is it time to sign the commitment papers?