Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Travel, plus Knitting

When I last wrote, I promised some proof that I've been knitting, so I'll start with that and get to the travel at the end.

My class-time knitting, Pomatomus, has been coming along nicely:

My collection of mitered squares for the blanket is still small, but it is twice as big as it was:

I even did some knitting on the Print o' the Wave stole:

For this week's travel, we're staying in Pittsburgh. As a city, Pittsburgh offers a quite pretty skyline and a very nice ball park. I'm especially fond of the ball park, since I went to the Padres/Pirates game there Wednesday night, had a great seat and a great time watching the Padres win. So, there are two reasons for going to PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

For baseball fans, this is the sort of view you can get for less than standing room only in some parks.

For the non-baseball inclined, this is the view of the city from the cheap seats (which also have a good view of the field, convenient for groups whose interest in the game is mixed).

And now I'm off to face another week of classes and homework. If I'm lucky and get to do any interesting knitting, I'll post mid-week. Otherwise, I'll see you next time for the Sunday Travel Section.


Lorraine said...

The socks and stole are lovely.

Pittsburgh looks like a nice place. Great skyline.

Cheryl said...

Go Padres! Oh, and the knitting looks good, too.