Monday, June 25, 2007


So, no travel section this week, sorry. I think the travel section of my paper must have gotten swapped for the real estate section this week...

I spent the weekend in DC. This is how I packed:

This is how much knitting I actually did (I decided to frog and reknit the heel - and see how it fits this time?):

My reason for going to DC was to look at condos. After two whole days (total of about 12 hours) of looking at condos (I'd show pictures, but really, one unfurnished condo looks pretty much like any other unfurnished condo when you aren't there, and they're mostly a blur in my mind anyway), I'm pretty much wiped out. On the plus side, I found a couple of serious possibilities and may be making an offer soon.

When I got back, I found all of this waiting for me (in boxes) on the front porch:

It's lots of Peaches and Creme cotton (for washcloths), and some Mission Falls 1824 Wool (destined for the miter blanket). There's only one problem. See the pink yarn on the left? That was supposed to be purple. It was supposed to be going into washcloths to be gifts for someone whose favorite color is lilac and whose kitchen appliances are black (think washrags a la Mason Dixon in purple and black). That yarn, despite being named lilac, is definitely pink. Oh well, I've ordered some Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, that I know is lilac.

And tonight, I had more things that I should have been doing than I really want to admit, but a weekend of very little relaxation and not much more sleep plus a long day at school meant that I did this, instead:

It made me feel a little better, so it's ok, right?


Cheryl said...

I hope the condo hunting proves to be successful. Will you have a room devoted to knitting? Or at least a corner? While there are pink lilacs, that particular shade looks pink, at least on my monitor. Isn't knitting great for R&R? I much prefer it to TV. You get to relax and have something to show for it. If only I could figure out how to read and knit simultaneously.

Ezi said...

Yeah, that is indeed pink.
I have a suggestion on how to end SSS. Its really a brilliant idea too. Knit Dobby socks! Dobby socks aren't meant to come in pairs and even if you feel the need to make them that way, they don't have to match. I think its a rather good way to go about it actually.

Cait R said...

My mom knits washcloths out of Peaches and Creme yarn. She nearly went nuts today because it was on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I was just asking your siiiister about knitting, because I'm trying to knit a scarf on a round, and it's hard, and she's been listening to me all day. Your mom helped too, via Sarah on instant messenger. They told me I should come say hi and see your knitting blog.

You knit some seriously cool stuff! I wish I could do that! Alas, I guess it requires more than two weeks practice.

Lorraine said...

That looks like a great haul to come home to.
I like looking at property- but after a while one does tend to look like the other.
Good luck to you.