Thursday, January 10, 2008

Playing Catch-up

I didn't know what to blog about today. My life currently makes for pretty poor blog fodder, and my knitting is either not very interesting or semi-secret. The Monkey sock has been my commuting knitting (I ride a bus and train to work) and my knitting-while-reading object. I started the last repeat today, and tomorrow should see the sock finished.

I did get the extra ball of yarn that I needed for Miss Darcy, but while I was waiting for it, I cast on something else, and that something else has sort of taken over my desk. For the sake, then, of what little sanity I have left, I am not working on Miss Darcy until I have finished the something and reclaimed my desk.

Unfortunately (for the blog) this something is for someone who knows about the blog (I don't think this person reads it regularly, so I'm willing to post this), so this will be the only picture until the recipient has the something in his/her possession.

And I thought that was all I had to blog about today, which really doesn't seem like very much or very interesting. Then I recalled that even though I disappeared from the blog for several months, I didn't completely quit knitting during that time. So there are other things I can talk about!

Remember this scarf that I started ages ago to go with these? Well, I finished it some time in November, I think.

Yarn: Ram Wools Inca Silk
Needles: Size 5, I think
Pattern: My own, possibly to appear here (would you like it?)

I love this scarf. It's narrow, so not so great for wear when you really need a scarf that you can pull over your mouth and nose and still cover your neck with, but it's much better at filling in the V between the lapels of my coat than any other scarf I've ever worn. (The mittenettes are pretty great, too.)

I know that wasn't much, but that wraps up this edition of Catch-up Blogging. Join us in our next episode when we discuss wash cloths, or maybe another scarf! I'll see you next time! (I loved that show!)


Anonymous said...

I have to say I love that scarf! It looks like you literally braided the cables. I just figured out cabling this Christmas, and I love scarf cabling that doesn't roll. The color is lovely too, sort of a raspberry/black cherry color. Can you tell I'm hungry? And you did the monkey's? Did you have any trouble with laddering between the purls? I tried one quite a while back, and seems like the needle changes were always with purls, and since they kept changing places, I couldn't keep up, and I got horrible ladders. Maybe someday, when my prince comes...

Cheryl said...

Argyle/intarsia looks like a real exercise in patience. I don't think it's for me. How do you keep all those dangling yarns straight?

The scarf is beautiful. What a nice job you did with it.

Lynne said...

Yes, please, the scarf pattern.

I googled "Ram Wools Inca Silk" and got as far as Ram Wools, but their search engine couldn't find Inca Silk. More info???