Sunday, January 06, 2008

Punctual gifts are overrated

Remember these, that I started back in October? They were supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister. This is their current state:

Clearly, I missed the deadline. (Although I would have made it, had she not introduced me to this while I was home. Apparently I am helpless in the face of the combined powers of LEGO and Star Wars.) My new plan is to send them to her with her birthday gift (that gives me about a month to finish both items).

I'm about halfway through the heel flap of the second sock, and I still think both the yarn and the pattern are quite charming. In fact, this quality is even more apparent when the sock is on the foot instead of lying on the floor.

Now I understand why the last step of the pattern is "block well."

I've also been working on Miss Darcy. When last I wrote about this scarf, I was unsure that I liked the edging. After that post, I decided that I didn't like the edging, frogged it, and set off in search of an edging I did like. A few hours later, I still hadn't found anything quite like what I had in mind, so I charted my own and started knitting again.

On the whole, I'm quite pleased with the result. (By the way, the reason only one end is done? I ran out of yarn. But never fear! More is on the way, and it's even the same dye lot!) The only part that doesn't completely thrill me is the wonkiness at the corners.

Even before I started knitting the corners, I suspected something along these lines would happen. The only way to prevent it, I think, would have been to work out some sort of short row corner. But a little bit of playing around didn't get me anything I liked any better, so my scarf will just have ruffled ends. And I'm okay with that.


Cheryl said...

There are only 352 (or so) days until Christmas. Perhaps you're just ahead of the game.

The scarf is beautiful, even with the ruffled ends.

Anonymous said...

You must be in a blue mood. What pattern is the sock? Those are really nice. And the scarf? Wow. I personally would have just gone with the ruffles, maybe even made them more. But, this is coming from a person who has no idea how you even did what you did. I can make up crochet stuff with my eyes closed, but knitting fearlessly? Uh, maybe next year.