Saturday, November 22, 2008

Better with buttons

The Tangled Yoke Cardigan is done. Gloriously, beautifully done.

I finished sewing the buttons on Thursday night (I don't know how it can possibly take two entire evenings to sew on 9 buttons; I really thought I was more efficient than that) and I wore it to work on Friday (as predicted, I was at work on Friday, and as expected, it wasn't much fun). I also wore it all day today, and will probably wear it tomorrow.

I am completely in love with this sweater. I love the yarn, which is a wool/cashmere/alpaca/microfiber blend. It is, I think, the softest tweed I've ever touched. Also, I love the tweediness, especially the bright blue slubs.

The only thing I'm not completely in love with, is that the soft, dark yarn makes it a little hard to see the patterning in the yoke. But it doesn't make it that hard, and it's such a small fault that I can very easily forgive it.

On the whole, I loved this project from start to finish. The pattern was clear and easy to follow. The yarn was a joy to knit with (even if it did turn my bamboo needles blue). And perhaps best of all, the sweater fits wonderfully and is a joy to wear (of course, it helps that the weather finally turned cold).


Anonymous said...

See, I thought I heard the Hallelujah chorus the other night. It must have been for you. And the buttons. It sure does look lovely.

Sophie said...

It's beautiful!