Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out with the old

Today, we bring you continuing coverage in old knitting.

Over the past few months, I've been making some effort to do something about some of my WIPs. The lace will get done (three lace projects at once was a bit much), if somewhat slowly. So they stay. The KIP blanket was never intended to be done quickly (in part because I can't afford that much yarn all at once), so it stays too. The dishcloths are still intended as a gift for my mother (I'd like to make it a complete set, instead of half a set), so they stay too, although I should be able to churn those out pretty quickly. The socks actually are done, just unblogged, and the vest is a new WIP, and one being actively worked on.

There were two projects, though, that when I got to them, I was completely unenthused by their unfinished state. Not that there was anything wrong with either, as far as they went, by my taste and abilities have changed somewhat, and I was no longer excited about them.

First up: the silk corset tanktop

I have nothing against lingerie; in fact, I have plans to knit some. But I am past the point where I will wear lingerie-like things in public as outerwear. As you can see, I never got that far, so the decision to frog this was pretty easy. I think I'm going to use the yarn for this, instead.

Next up: Picovoli

This was a much harder decision, mostly because I was so close to being done. It's a well-written pattern, and it fit me well, but I had two problems with it - I didn't like the sleeves, and I don't know what I was thinking when I decided that picot edges would be a good thing. Not that there's anything wrong with picot edges, but I have a strong preference for clean lines and smooth edges. So in the end, Picovoli got frogged too. I think the yarn's going to become this.

It's remarkably refreshing to have those off my WIP list and off my mind. Plus, I'm really excited about having the needles back and the planned alternative projects!


Anonymous said...

So, then, let me get this frogged a corset top thing and you're going to now knit out of the blue stuff a boobage shirt? Alright-y then! Good for you for frogging though. Sometimes I think the yarn changes it's mind as to what it wants to be.

PS...Guess where I was one year ago today?

Sophie said...

This new top isn't exactly something you can wear to work, is it? And knitted lingerie? I don't think Mr. Darcy will have any doubt that you missed him while he was gone!