Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More loose ends

Incredibly, I haven't blogged about one of my most favoritest finished objects from 2008. I blogged while I was working on it, but I never gave it its moment in the bloglight that it deserves as a beautiful piece of knitting.* So I give you now, in finished form, Miss Darcy!

(It's being modeled by a chair because I'm incapable of taking good pictures of a lace scarf while wearing said scarf.)
Miss Darcy is a scarf of my own invention, pulled together from stitch patterns in Barbara Walker, with the edging (though designed by me) knitted on with some guidance from Victorian Lace Today.

As much as I loved designing this scarf, I love wearing it more. It's not the sort of scarf you need on days when it's miserably cold and winding and you really need something to pull up over your nose while your hat's pulled down almost over your eyes so you have as little skin exposed as possible, but it's a fantastic scarf for the nice days that are still cool enough that a scarf is helpful.

Although blocking opened it up incredibly, the yarn is still soft and wonderful, and super comfortable against the skin. Maybe I this is what I need to knit myself a shrug out of...

*My reason for not blogging about it was that I wanted to wait until I had the pattern written up. I figured I better not keep waiting, since there's no telling when that might be, but if there are requests, I'll do my best to get it written up and posted on Ravelry.


Sophie said...

A lace scarf of your own design? Is there no end to your knitting talents? Now all you need is the right weather for wearing it out and about. Cool, but not windy, so that you can spread it out a bit and show off the lace pattern. Is this why knitters don't seem to mind foul weather as much as other folks?--We get to show off our lovely handknits!

Anonymous said...

That is really gorgeous. You did good. I just looked it up on Ravelry, it's wool and silk? Wow, very yummy.