Thursday, April 09, 2009


I believe I may owe you an apologia.* I thought my April Fools post was a good one - especially since I really have been into cooking and baking lately. I did not intend, though, to leave it up as the main post for over a week. However, my time has been consumed by such things as earning a living, filing my taxes, trying to graduate, and doing laundry so I could not scare off people by my appearance in public. Blogging, understandably I think, was not at the top of my priorities. In any event, I'm happy to announce the return of my irregularly scheduled knitting blog!

I'd love to tell you what I'm working on right now (I can hardly believe it myself), but I haven't any pictures, and what's more, I haven't the time to take any tonight. How about a somewhat recently finished object instead? Good. In that case I present my Diamond Rain.

This was a case of the pattern being more a guideline than a pattern, since I modified it quite a bit. The pattern's written for a worsted yarn, but I used a DK. So to get a small (in circumference) I roughly followed the instructions for an XL.

I also added quite a bit of length - an extra inch of ribbing and an extra repeat of the diamond motif (which I reworked to be done with three traveling stitches in each cable rather than two). The crochet at the back of the neck and around the armholes did a nice job of stabilizing them, and a good steam blocking made it eminently wearable, don't you think?**

*I learned a new word today! Oh, the things that happen when you read the dictionary.
**For reasons that I doubt will ever be known, even to me, I am nearly as fond of the tilted picture of the dirty mirror as I am of the vest itself. Really, I think it's the tiltedness.

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Sophie said...

The vest looks great, and the color is excellent on you.