Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Study Break

Oof, I feel like my brain has turned to meringue. It seems to have retained more structure than mush, but at the same time feels rather insubstantial. As long as I'm not doing homework or something else useful (there's some laundry that needs addressing and the kitchen's got a depressing collection of dirty dishes), I should probably go to bed in an attempt to do something about the insubstantiality. Instead, I'm blogging. Why? Good question. Since I don't know, I'll keep it short.

For Christmas, one of my friends crocheted me a lovely scarf. It's from dark blue Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. It's thick and warm, and I thought the only thing it could possibly need is a matching hat. So I made one!

When I asked my friend what yarn she used, she said she had a whole ball left over and that I was welcome to it. It made the matchy-matchy aspect of the project so much easier.

The hat is An Unoriginal Hat, by Yarn Harlot. I quite liked wearing the hat (it hasn't been cold enough for several weeks), and it was a fast knit from an easy pattern, but I don't think I'll knit another one. The big yarn and the big needles were really tough on my hands. But every now and then, a little pain is worthwhile!*

*I also apply this philosophy to school. It's why I didn't let the Dalek exterminate my homework.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I used to read about people complaining about how big and chunky yarn hurt their hands, and I thought how? That doesn't seem right? It's bigger, wouldn't that make it easier? I know when I crocheted doilies or snowflakes, my hands would eventually cramp all up from the tightness of the little thread.

Then I started knitting. And over time, got into knitting socks. Got WAY into knitting socks. One Christmas I got very far behind, and decided to take a shortcut by whipping out a few man scarves in that big and thick chunky yarn. Guess what?

After all that sock yarn, the big stuff on the size 10 1/2 and 13 needles hurt my hands. I'd actually have to take sock breaks every once in a while to uncramp my hands.

Pretty hat. That sure was nice of her to let you have the leftover yarn. Any suggestions on what to do with my 3 balls leftover from my $12 coat? I bought 9 and only needed 6. Scratch that...I forgot son #3 wants something. I have to see if I can whip him out some sort of sweater vest or something.

ps...that hat will be great in FL.