Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Change of plans

I've decided something. Change should be met with change. My life has had some pretty big changes recently, all beyond my control. So I'm going to compensate with some changes within my control. To start with, I'm changing this blog. Instead of a knitting blog, it's going to be a food blog! I've been thinking about food for a while, so I've already got some great food to show you.

First up: one of my favorite snacks. I love how little effort it takes, and how wonderful it tastes. Of course, as a displaced New Mexican, I'll put green chile on pretty much anything.

Toasted whole grain bagel with cream cheese and roasted green chile.

Next up: something on the other end of the spectrum, both in terms of taste and effort. I'm not generally big into cakes, but this one I love.

German chocolate cake, complete with pecan worshippers on top.

Still in the dessert category, the next item is less rich, but no less round. It has the added benefit of being able to masquerade as healthy food, since the main items are fruit and bread.

Peach cobbler. Simple and delicious.

My last item for the evening is a self-conflicted, but delicious, mixture of the classy and the humble.

Brie and blackberry jam pastries. Pastry dough is actually crescent rolls from a can with delusions of standing.



Sophie said...

But I like knitting blogs! However, the desserts look pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice treats, especially the german chocolate, but you're not fooling me...